Capturing leads and measuring ROI from events has never been this effortless

Capturing leads and measuring ROI from events has never been this effortless

Zero Keyboard for Trade Shows takes our patented technology and packs it into a solution which supercharges lead collection and qualification at events and tradeshows. With full visibility into event and staff performance, your organization can make educated decisions to maximize your return on event marketing investments


No one enjoys, or has the time to fill in paper or digital forms. Our patented Workflow technology guides you to focus on the conversation and enter error-free data directly into Salesforce on the go. By utilizing your phone camera and microphone, as well as a customizable interface optimized for mobile data entry, you'll be free from your keyboard.
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Stay on top of the results of the event team's hard work, and help them reach their ROI goals. Our in-app leaderboard and metrics engage your team to make the most out of their day and focus on generating qualified leads.
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Closed-loop reporting to highlight your best performing events and event representatives is the key to a sustainable event marketing strategy and proving ROI. All your event data is directly available inside your CRM and ready to be combined with other data sources.
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Intuitive Mobile Lead Capture and Qualification

Business Card and Badge Scanner

Accurately extract contact information from business cards and badges in a snap! Instant review helps you make sure your data is error free.

Voice Typing

Quickly capture notes and other information with accurate speech-to-text

Zero Typing Data Input

Using gestures and widgets native to mobile interfaces, error-free data entry becomes fast and fun.

Qualification Guidance

Guided qualification through customizable step-by-step data entry workflows makes sure you’re asking the right questions.

Gamified Lead Generation

event leaderboards

Keep everyone involved and engaged with the event goals and motivate them to get the most out of the event.

Push Notifications

Drive action with reminders on leaderboard positions and goal achievements.

Measure Event ROI on Delivered Leads

Native Dashboards

Specialized dashboards visualize event performance and ROI in real-time.

Actionable Insights

Easily identify your best performing events and team members and optimize your future event investments.


Automatically update multiple records and create follow-up actions

Fully integrated with Salesforce

A turnkey solution that delivers value and helps you get more out of your CRM right from the start.
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Full Customization with Zero Keyboard Studio

Managing your teams and creating lead collection processes that fit your organization has never been easier. Zero Keyboard Studio gives you complete flexibility in creating Workflows that help your team qualify leads and capture the necessary data directly into Salesforce.

  • Create Workflows using unique smart components
  • Control creation of follow-up tasks and actions
  • Manage event teams and app access

Flexible pricing for any organization

Get started with up to 5 event users for $2,700 annually

Let us show you what Zero Keyboard can do!

Let us show you what Zero Keyboard can do!

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